D&R Sports Center Two-day Free Ice Fishing Show

Two-day Free Ice Fishing Show features national champion ice fishing professionals

D&R Sports Center is hosting a free two-day weekend Ice Fishing Show on Saturday, December 1 and Sunday, December 2, 2012 at D&R Sports Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Throughout the day, both Saturday and Sunday, world-ranked ice fishing pros will give free seminars to share their experience, tips and tricks for successful ice fishing.

Keith Stanton with a giant Northern Pike he jigged through the ice from a Michigan lake

Ice fishing and spearing expert Keith Stanton with a giant Northern Pike he jigged through the ice from a Michigan lake on his Pikekilla lure.

Keith Stanton, known as the “PikeKilla” and president of Malyn Entertainment, will present his seminar: “Pike Under Ice.” He will demonstrate his PikeKilla™ lure and the vertical jigging techniques he has perfected. He will also share his proven methods for spearing pike and the proper use of pike decoys to attract trophy fish. Stanton, who specializes in pike fishing and pike spearing, has produced a series of DVD videos call “Pike Under Ice.”

The event will also feature two of Michigan’s most renowned national pro ice anglers and charter guides, Captain Dave Ellis and Captain Myron Gilbert. Dave Ellis and fishing partner Myron Gilbert are the current reigning 2011 North American Ice Fishing Champions and will compete in this year’s North American Ice Fishing Championship.

Captain Dave Ellis, a charter captain for twenty-six years, says he started ice fishing at 3-years old when his dad first took him out to ice fish. Since then, he has followed his lifelong passion, and for the past 36 years has successfully fished for every species in the Great Lakes area. In the “hard-water” season, Ellis concentrates on the ice guiding and competing in ice fishing tournaments.

Capt. Myron Gilbert Lives in Brooklyn, MI. Gilbert has also been a professional guide for twenty-six years. Gilbert began competitive Ice fishing ten years ago. Since then, he has won four Team of the Year titles and two national championships in 2008 and 2011. He also won a Gold-Medal in the 2010 World-Championship as a member of the USA World ice fishing team.

Ellis and Gilbert certainly know ice fishing and will share their knowledge, experience and tips that have made them such highly effective competitive ice fishing anglers.

Join us for this informative two-day event devoted entirely to the sport of ice fishing with hands-on displays, demonstrations and free seminars where “nothing is held back.”

D&R Sports Ice Fishing Show will host more than twenty-five manufacturer’s representatives from the leading ice fishing tackle and equipment companies.

Randy Van Dam says, “The recent introduction of modern technology into the sport of ice fishing, from high-tech battery powered drills, underwater cameras, sensitive fish finders that can track the movement of small ice lures, carbon-fiber rods and cold-weather performance clothing, has added a whole new dimension to this winter sport.” He adds, “This isn’t your grandfather’s world of ice fishing with an ice spud and a cork bobber!”

These representatives from industry leaders will be on hand to meet anglers and show their latest product innovations products. The public will have an opportunity to see the latest, lures, rods, reels, tip-ups, shanties, fishfinders, drills and outdoor clothing.

D&R Sports Center Store in Kalamazoo Michigan

D&R Sports Center Store in Kalamazoo Michigan located at 8178 W. Main (M-43) three miles west of US 131 (exit 38B).

The entire two-day event and parking is free to the public—Saturday 9 am to 5 pm and Sunday 10 am to 4 pm.

For more information, please call D&R Sports Center at 372-2277 toll free (800) 992-1520 or visit D&R Sports Center’s website at: www.dandrsports.com.

D&R Sports Center is located on 8178 W. Main (M-43) in Kalamazoo. Michigan – three miles west of US 131 (exit 38B).

Ice Fishing Manufacturer’s Representatives attending D&R Sports Center’s two-day “Ice Fishing Show”

  • Northland Tackle (Lures)
  • K&E Tackle (Rods, lures, bobbers, tackle)
  • Arnold Tackle (Lures)
  • Dot Lures (Lures)
  • Scandia Tungsten Jigs (Lures)
  • Fiska (Lures–Saturday only)
  • Normark (Lures)
  • Shappell (Sleds & Shanties)
  • Vexilar (Fishfinders & Underwater Cameras)
  • Showdown (Fishfinders)
  • Humminbird (Fishfinders)
  • Strikemaster (Ice Drills)
  • Ardisam (Ice Drills)
  • Suffix (Ice Line)
  • Striker (Ice Clothing)
  • Seaguar (Ice Line)
  • Thirteen (Rods & Reels)
  • Eskimo (Ice Drills & Shanties)
  • Patriot (Custom Ice Rods)
  • Got-Cha (Spring Bobbers & Ice Flies)
  • Clam (Ice Shelters & Accessories)
  • Frabill (Shanties, Rods, Reels, Tip-ups, and more)

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