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Late Season Crappie

Late Season Crappie

The ice has been hit or miss so far in 2017. Ice one week. Open water the next. Although many think this is a bad situation, seasoned veterans like Pro Raymond Tiffany take full advantage of this situation.

Summer Time Blues

Summer Time Blues

This summer has been a hot one. I was fishing the other day and drove a crossed some bass beds with magnum bluegills on them.

Skandia Success Ice Fishing!

Skandia Success Ice Fishing!

Brad Caden recently had a great day of ice fishing. Armed with his ice fishing gear and some of his favorite Skandia Tungsten jigs, he hit the ice near Cement City, Michigan.

Don't Forget the Crappie!

Don’t Forget the Crappie!

However, don’t over look the other panfish species including the Crappie. Experienced ice anglers know this can be one of the best times of year to catch these giant panfish.

Size Matters!

Size Matters!

One style of fishing I find interesting and love to utilize when it is called for is ‘long rodding’. This ice fishing technique is extremely popular in the southern parts here in Wisconsin.

Reel and rod on the ice with a nice mess of panfish

Tis The Season for Ice Fishing

Getting fired up for frozen water! I get pumped up about the upcoming season of fishing for bluegills and crappies through the ice getting ice gear, checking line and my ice jigs.

Late season scouting for early ice panfish produced these slab crappie for Ray Tiffany and Mandolyn MacHaffie

Late Summer Scouting For Early Ice Fishing Success!

Late summer scouting can produce some of the best panfish of the season for many anglers and find the most productive spots for first ice fishing.

Young Angler With Panfish caught while ice fishing

Panfish Transition Under the Ice

Locating and catching more panfish while ice fishing is all about following the seasonal transition movements of bluegills, crappie and perch.

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