GLIF Member Login Error Fixed

There was a technical log in and post error causing anyone who tried to log in to GLIF recently to get blocked. It was caused by an update to one of the built-in features of the WordPress software that (GLIF) uses that I just found out about late last night.

I believe I’ve fixed this error now with some updates to the software that temporarily disable the feature causing this problem. You should all be able to login now without error. You may need to refresh your browser (F5) to clear out any pages being cached on your local computer if you keep getting the previous error so you can see the updated pages and processes.

If you still cannot login or are getting some kind of error please use the Contact Us page (you don’t have to be logged in to use) or send an email with as many details as possible about the error, any messages and/or screen you see to: .

I apologize for any inconveniences and thank the members who reported the error to me. Some errors can be hidden from me because of the different login settings I use to manage GLIF.

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About the Author: Dan Kimmel is an avid angler, outdoor photographer and outdoor writer who becomes a computer guy in his downtime running web sites like this one, and among others.

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