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If there is one thing that I love, it’s innovations that come from other parts of the world and are integrated in the fishing industry here in the states. I love companies that realize when something is great and offer that product right here at home. One of these companies, of course, is K & E Stopper Lures. These folks know fishing… PERIOD! But, more than that, they share what they know about fishing, and offer tried and true products to the public so that we all may share in fishing success.

Some of these products come from the heart of ice fishing, arguably the most skilled country in the world on the ice… Russia.

Best Tackle company logo

K & E Stopper Lures Best Tackle company brand

K&E offers a few gems straight out of Mother Russia that are absolute killers on the ice from their Best Tackle company.

K & E Stopper Lures Best Russian Spoon colors

K & E Stopper Lures Best Russian Spoon colors

First on the list is the ever popular ‘Best Russian Spoon‘ (unavailable at this time). For over 60 years this lure has been coveted for perch and walleye, especially in the Saginaw Bay area. The tail end kick of this spoon, combined with a minnow head and a little bottom bouncing is more than any jumbo can handle.

K & E Tackle Oscoda Russian Spoon colors

K & E Tackle Oscoda Russian Spoon colors

The ‘Oscoda Russian Spoon‘ (unavailable at this time) is number two on my list of Russian favorites. If you want a spoon that flutters with perfection and is a perfect match for your finesse plastics, this is the jigging spoon you have been searching for. Crappies love this bait and will literally race each other for the bite!

K & E Stopper Lures Saginaw Russian Spoons

K & E Stopper Lures Saginaw Russian Spoons

Number three is the ‘Saginaw Russian Spoon‘ (unavailable at this time). Anyone who knows walleye, knows that a wounded minnow is a sure fire fish catcher. The metallic finish of this bait, with the 3-D scale pattern, is the dressing on this fish-taunting salad. The key is the wobble. Drop this bait to the bottom and snap it up a couple of feet giving it immediate slack. It will flutter off to the side. With light jigging, you can walk the bait back to you just like a dying minnow struggling on the bottom.

K&E Stopper Lures Essex Russian Spoon colors

K&E Stopper Lures Essex Russian Spoon colors

Last, but certainly not least, we have the ‘Essex Russian Spoon‘ (unavailable at this time). The fat head, tapered body, and thin structure of this bait gives you a wobble that is something all its own. You can fish this bait for nearly any species. I particularly like to use this fishing lure as a dead stick with a minnow. The sleek design allows the minnow to wobble the spoon for you. Every few minutes I’ll give the rod a quick 6 – 8″ jump just to add some spice to the presentation.

A lot of fishermen spend a lot of hours searching and researching tackle that is available in other countries. K&E brings some of the Best tackle available in those countries to the U.S.A.

Give a few of these spoons a try. Use the techniques I have shared in this article and by all means, experiment to find what also may work. Just be sure to drop K&E a line and share your success. Good luck out there! Tight lines and be safe!

Raymond Tiffany

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  1. Dan Kimmel says:

    I have found out that K & E Stopper Lures is not making the Saginaw Russian Spoon anymore at this time. Sorry to hear that. You may still find some in stock at stores that had them previously and haven’t sold out but it may be a difficult search. You can find K & E dealers in your area by using their store locater:

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