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Metallic Skandia jigs, gold, silver and bronze

Metallic Skandia jigs, gold, silver and bronze and why you need them!

Silver, gold, copper… Three precious metals that have been sought after as valuable resources by man throughout history, but their importance does not stop at the foundation of monetary value. These metal finishes are also a valuable resource in any successful fisherperson’s tackle box as well.

Ray Tiffany shows off a mess of metallic caught panfish

Ray Tiffany shows off a mess of metallic caught panfish

You can find them in any bait store, and unbelievably, there are quite a few anglers out there who give a look of doubt when instructed to utilize metallic colors for ice fishing. Typically, when they see how deadly they are they become believers too, and the raised eyebrow stare they themselves will receive while giving the same instruction they once doubted.

Neutral colors are very popular for anglers seeking big fish. Gold, silver, and copper actually are neutral colors; it’s the metallic finish that makes them special. Without this shine, gold would simply be a yellow, silver a gray, and copper a brown. Fish can see these colors in the dirtiest water. In a lot of cases, better than other colors due to the fact that the only light that can typically penetrate dirty or stained water are UltraViolet rays.

Estranged from glow, which absorbs UV rays in order to “charge” and emit as luminescence, metallic finishes reflect these UV rays back outward in multiple directions at the same time. Think of it like this. Imagine looking through a kaleidoscope at a disco ball. This is how many fish see metallic jigs. Fish can pick up these UV glints well, and will hone in on their source, if for nothing more than to take a look.

Although controversial, it is my opinion that a neutral colored jig should be fished with neutral colored bait. Of course my favorite are finesse plastic tails. Tip these jigs with black, white, or clear with matching colored glitter to jig. This is a favorite of mine for both crappie and bluegill.

There are many metallic jigs offered by K&E Stopper Lures. Skandia’s Pelkie style tungsten is by far my favorite metallic jig on the market, with their metallic Tapiola jig coming in a close second.

Crappie with gold Skandia Tungsten jig

Crappie with gold Skandia Tungsten jig

The next time you find yourself staring into your jig box, wondering what will be the hot bite for the day, give notice to your collection of metallic jigs. You will never wonder again once you begin to slam slabs with your own precious metals.

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