Bear Creek Spearing Decoys Hit the Ice

Proven effective for spear fishing for over 40 years, Bear Creek Spearing Decoys are available in many species and color patterns. Bear Creek’s latest offering is the NEW UV Electric Chicken color. This new decoy comes in 3 styles and is sure to be a huge hit.

Bear Creek Spearing Decoy 6 inch new UV Electric Chicken S33

Bear Creek Spearing Decoy 6 inch new UV Electric Chicken S33 (also available in 10 inch pike and 9 inch sucker)

Anglers who are not familiar with spear fishing often ask what type of fish do you spear. The number one targeted species would have to be the Northern Pike. The Northern Pike can be found in most lakes around the mid-west and the Pike is typically plentiful in these lakes. is an excellent resource for information on the sport! Watch a sample of underwater video from expert Keith Stanton at the end of this article – complete Pike Under Ice DVD Series available at

Lake Sturgeon are another type of fish that is targeted. Most Sturgeon spearing lakes have special seasons with strict bag limits. However the rewards can be gigantic. Just look at the picture of this giant Sturgeon that was speared in Wisconsin. Be sure to check your local regulations before hitting the ice and spearing any fish.

Giant Lake Sturgeon speared by Rich Miller in Wisconsin

Giant Lake Sturgeon speared by Rich Miller in Wisconsin

Whether you’re an old pro or a beginner, Bear Creek decoys have something for you. Also, Bear Creek makes some awesome spearing accessories such as spears, the Double Down Rig (use two decoys at one time), Decoy Pins, weighted harnesses and more. And keep in mind, even if you don’t spear, these decoys make great gifts as a collectible display for the home or office, or you can use them to attract fish if you are interested in underwater video, an activity that is growing in interest and participation!

Check out the October 2013 Bear Creek Spearing Decoys Models, Colors and Accessories Chart (PDF download of chart available from that page also).



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