Tis The Season for Ice Fishing

Reel and rod on the ice with a nice mess of panfish

Reel and rod on the ice with a nice mess of panfish – bluegills and jumbo perch.

Getting fired up for frozen water! Well it’s that time of year when deer season is winding down and the cold weather is coming on. I get all pumped up about the upcoming season of fishing for bluegills and crappies through the ice. I have been getting equipment out, cleaning the dust off, checking line, jigs and charging my electronics.

First, I like to go through all of my rods to make sure they have new line and new spring bobbers. The Whip’R Rod is a favorite of mine with their super sensitive “Whip’r Tip” to detect the lightest strikes.

Then the fun begins – getting my ice jigs out. I start by sorting colors, then by style. I have a large selection of ice jigs but they all have a spot in my box. One of my new favorite jigs is a line of Tungsten ice jigs from Skandia. My two favorite colors are fire tiger and white tiger in size 12. Despite the new craze of Tungsten it’s still hard to beat a Moon Jig. In the early season, I like the chartreuse/green Moon Jig. I use the biggest jig that I can get away with tipped with spikes or wax worms.

Now the day is finally here! Safe ice! The ice shanty is clean and ready to go. My auger is sharp and I am at the lake. The familiar sound of snow and ice crunch below my feet as I make my way to my favorite spot. As I drill several holes, the sound of my auger ripping through the ice is music to my ears.

I use a skimmer to remove the slush and debris that my drilling auger has left. Slowly, I lower my transducer into the water and the Vexilar lights up with fish. I get my rod out of my pail, put two spikes on my jig and drop it in the water.

As it falls a fish comes out of the red pack dancing on my screen. I twitch my jig a few times and my spring bobber pulls towards the water. I set the hook – fish on! I reel it in. The beautiful bluegill hits the ice. Nice one for the pan!

Good luck and have fun.

Bill Ferris

Whip R Rod and Reel combos for panfish and finesse fishing

Whip R Rod and Reel combos for panfish and finesse fishing.

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