Summer Time Blues

You can still find giant bluegills in the summer with these tips!

You can still find giant bluegills in the summer with these tips!

This summer has been a hot one. I was fishing the other day and drove a crossed some bass beds with magnum bluegills on them. I can’t believe that the bluegills are still on the beds in the middle of July. This goes to show, you never know what you’ll find when you’re out fishing…

However, in the hot summer months I typically fish for bluegills and crappies in the deeper part of the lake. I like to go to points and inside turns to find numbers of big bluegills. Some will be suspended and some will be on the bottom. Let me tell you what I do to catch these tasty things.

I like to use a slip bobber off the break on the edge of the weeds where it goes from a few feet to 15 and 20. My choice of slips floats are Carlisle, they have a great selection and are very durable.

Gamma fluorocarbon line in 4# test is my go to size and flavor. Tear drops work great in the summer and I use them 90 percent of the time. K & E has a great variety of teardrops in several colors and styles.

For added attraction, I’ll use plastics when I can. I’ll also keep a can of wax worms close at hand. Sometimes wax worms will push them over the top when fishing suspended bluegills.

When the school of fish is on the bottom, I will use a drop shot rig with a number 10 teardrop my favorite color is green and chartreuse tipped with a red worm or leech.

No matter what way you try to catch some of these great tasting fish have fun and be safe.

Happy fishing!

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About the Author: Bill Ferris is an outdoor writer and avid outdoorsman.

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