Jay’s Ice Fishing Day

Recently there was a special ice fishing day at Jays Sporting Goods in Clare, MI, and while there isn’t any ice around, we’re all thinking about it so why not get together and talk about it.

Joe Devera mans the table during Jay's Ice Day when he's not doing his ice fishing seminar

Joe Devera mans the table during Jay’s Ice Day when he’s not doing his ice fishing seminar

It was a day full of seminars with myself, Jake Romanack, and USA Ice Team members Chas Thompson and Steph Sissell speaking. Topics covered included hot tips on catching more panfish and how to be safe on the ice. Plus, Chas and Steph did a great job on sharing their experiences at the world ice fishing championships.

In between seminars we were available in the fishing department to talk about K&E Tackle’s new items. These new items along with classics like the Whip R Rod and Skandia Tungsten Jigs made for great conversation and hopes of hitting the ice soon. And of course, there were special deals on K&E Tackle and other great ice fishing gear. The Bear Creek Auger Adapter took a lot of interest as I had mine on hand and demonstrated it for people to see in action.

A customer checks out the K & E Tackle Auger Adapter while visiting the ice fishing table at Jay's Ice Day

A customer checks out the K & E Tackle Auger Adapter while visiting the ice fishing table at Jay’s Ice Day

The staff at Jay’s is great and very knowledgeable. If you are ever in the area I would recommend stopping in to take a look around. You never know, they may even have a seminar that day.

Until next time friends…

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Avatar photo About the Author: Joe DeVera is a tournament ice fisherman from Southeast Michigan. Gaining interest with his local newspaper and public access channel, Joe has had a chance to promote the sport of ice fishing on a limited basis and is excited at the opportunity to help grow the sport and the companies he represents. Working with various companies and websites Joe has had the opportunity to work various trade shows along with writing articles on a variety of ice fishing topics as well as several reviews. Giving back through education is important to Joe, therefore he is dedicated to giving seminars and making videos aimed at teaching tips and tricks through social media, Also donating his time with the NAIFC's Kids Camp as well as other youth oriented ice fishing events. As a member of the J&E Ice Fishing team, Joe spent the 2015 season honing his skills as a tournament angler on a small local circuit where he and his partner compiled five top 5 finishes, including two 3rd place as well as “Big Gill” award. Fishing the NAIFC series, Joe and partner Bill Banghart have two top 10 finishes and consecutively finished in the top 15 in Team of the Year points the past two seasons.

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