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Team Stopper Pro Staff member Sam Gernaat demonstrates how he organizes his ice jigs and fishing tackle

Team Stopper Pro Staff member Sam Gernaat demonstrates how he organizes his ice jigs and fishing tackle.

A lot of anglers underestimate organization. They may think that it doesn’t help you catch fish. In my opinion, it does. Carrying many small tackle boxes is a good way to stay organized.

I carry two tackle boxes with three to four boxes in each bag. This helps me stay organized because I can separate my jigs. I separate my jigs according to color. I separate my jigs by color so that I know what color to use in murky water, or clear water. Also it is easier to get to know what colors are the favorites.

I like to label my boxes to help me locate the one certain bait that I want to use. For example, if you are fishing deep, murky water I would use the gold Tungsten Skandia ice jig because they sink to the bottom fast and are easy to control in deep water.

When changing lures, it is important to put jigs back where they came from. If this is not done it defeats all the preparation of being organized. I have to admit that I do that sometimes. Towards the end of the season your tackle box is normally pretty messy. Well, at least mine is. I always reorganize everything at the end of the winter.

I take an inventory of what I have and what I need some more of. This is a good way of getting ready for the next year of getting back on the ice.

Good luck and happy fishing.

By Sam Gernaat

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About the Author: Sam Gernaat is an avid youth ice fishing angler who uses K & E Tackle and Stopper Lures products.

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