Tapiola Jigs in the Grass

Skandia Tapiola Jig Tungsten 108 Orange-Chartreuse

Skandia Tapiola Jig Tungsten 108 Orange-Chartreuse

Nearly 30 years ago the technological advancements in ice fishing began with the sonar, more commonly referred to as a flasher, and a revolution started. Anglers were able to see how deep they were fishing, structure and the fish react to their presentation.

Today most anglers take for granted going out and knowing what is going on beneath the ice, but fishing over heavy cover or deep weed beds has always been a problem for panfishermen. Sometimes you can’t see your jig in thick weeds and it turns into a guessing game, or you put on one of your biggest lures so you can see it.

Enter K&E Tackle’s flat-bottomed Skandia Tapiola Jig. The design is based on satellite technology that allows for maximum signal strength as similar sized jigs. Giving off a stronger signal allows you to turn down your gain and get better target separation on your sonar unit which will in turn thin the weeds out on your screen giving you a much cleaner return on your screen.

Aside from the strong signal, the flat design allows for a flutter on the fall and rise as you’re jigging presenting a swimming movement that I find best to match up with a tiny sliver of plastic. Being able to fish heavy cover is a necessity for a panfish angler and the Tapiola Jig will help you put more fish on the ice this season.

Skandia Tapiola Jigs Tungsten Color Chart

Skandia Tapiola Jigs Tungsten Color Chart

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About the Author: Joe DeVera is a tournament ice fisherman from Southeast Michigan. Gaining interest with his local newspaper and public access channel, Joe has had a chance to promote the sport of ice fishing on a limited basis and is excited at the opportunity to help grow the sport and the companies he represents. Working with various companies and websites Joe has had the opportunity to work various trade shows along with writing articles on a variety of ice fishing topics as well as several reviews. Giving back through education is important to Joe, therefore he is dedicated to giving seminars and making videos aimed at teaching tips and tricks through social media, Also donating his time with the NAIFC's Kids Camp as well as other youth oriented ice fishing events. As a member of the J&E Ice Fishing team, Joe spent the 2015 season honing his skills as a tournament angler on a small local circuit where he and his partner compiled five top 5 finishes, including two 3rd place as well as “Big Gill” award. Fishing the NAIFC series, Joe and partner Bill Banghart have two top 10 finishes and consecutively finished in the top 15 in Team of the Year points the past two seasons.

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